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Training Mickey the Dog to Be Safe

Mickey dog training Centreville, VADog training isn’t always about stopping a dog from doing something “annoying” to us humans. It can also be training the dog to be safe.

One year old Golden Retriever mix Mickey was running out the front door and not coming back when called. This is particularly dangerous because he and his owner live in a very busy area in Centreville, VA.

After talking to his owner about his behavior, we went to work. In just a few minutes we were able to leave the front door COMPLETELY open. During this time his best friend, a German Shepherd, walked past the door multiple times. Mickey had to use his brain and think. He made the correct decision and didn’t even approach the door. In fact he turned around and walked away from it. His owner was so happy.

We then went for a walk in which he FOLLOWED BEHIND his owner. He was so focused on his owner and what she wanted that he would stop when she stopped.

All of this was accomplished without using prong or shock collars.

Total dog training time was less than an hour. Working with your dog doesn’t mean hours of work every day. It’s learning how to communicate with your dog and build a relationship that satisfies you both.

Good job Mickey!

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