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Increasingly Aggressive Pitbull Training in Fairfax

jyn - aggressive pitbull training in fairfaxJyn is a pitbull and her family has just moved to Fairfax. She was getting increasing aggressive with older dog in the home, a Boston Terrier. She bit the Boston Terrier in the leg and drew blood. The incident happened in the kitchen.

She was also used to having a privacy fence, but their new house didn’t have one. The neighbor kids came up to the fence and Jyn started to try to protect her territory by barking aggressively at them.

Her owners said that she, “likes to be the boss and will listen when she chooses.”

Having pitbulls myself, I’m familiar with their particular traits, both the good and the bad. Very quickly, without prong or shock collars, we elevated her owners to the leaders of the house. I showed them how to keep her out of the kitchen completely and take ownership of the front door.

We fixed the increasing aggression at the fence in several minutes. Jyn and her family took to the training right away. Jyn was no longer listening only when she wanted. She listened to her leaders, the way nature intended.

The lesson was just over two hours. Jyn’s owner remarked that she really loved having the kitchen all to herself without any dogs to trip over!

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