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Dog Training for Aggression Towards Strangers & Separation Anxiety

dog aggression separation anxiety manassasJake is a 7 year old black lab in Manassas, VA. Jake is a great dog but he had developed some issues. When any of his family start to leave the home he would start to get upset, drooling, barking, whining and scared them because it looked like aggression. While Jake is very friendly he would have a bad reaction whenever people came over. He would start barking, growling and lunge at them. His family would always have to hold him back. A week before I came to work with them, Jake broke the front bay window last week when delivery person came. The family was confused because he never acted aggressively outside the home. They also told me that he has had separation anxiety in the past.

All of these issues gave me a clear picture as to what was going on and why Jake was acting this way. The family had inadvertently told Jake he was in charge – that he was the leader. Jake is a great dog, but he’s naturally a little bit fearful and that does not make a good leader. And to be honest, a dog should never be the leader of a human or family household.

When we first started with Jake, he was whining and growling at me. After 10 minutes of working with Jake, completely hands off without using any prong or shock collars, I asked his owner how she felt and she said, “I feel great. I never knew I had this much power!”

From there we worked with Jake at the front door. He responded so well which was good because a door to door salesman came to the door riding a segway. His owner took control and Jake calmed down and backed away from the front door and the same bay window he broke the week before. After that their son went upstairs to put on his shoes, as that is something that drove Jake crazy in the past. He had a small reaction to it, but the son and mother took control and sent Jake out of the room.

His owner was relieved and so was Jake. He finally seemed calm now that he no longer felt he had to be the leader of the house and protect everyone.

Jake’s owner wrote:

“I was truly amazed at how effective the training techniques were! I was surprised at how well Jake responded. I was really worried it was too late to help him but through your guidance and support, I learned so much about what Jake thought his role was in the house and also how we, as the owners, contributed to the situation.

I have already observed a change in Jake’s demeanor since the training session. He appears to be calmer and more settled.”

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