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Give a Fearful Dog a Leader

Fearful dog KipperKipper is a very smart and sweet but fearful dog. His family was worn out due to his constant barking whenever friends would knock on the door or come over. After a few minutes knocking on the door and even ringing the doorbell was no big deal to him. Then we worked on his leash walking skills. In under 10 minutes he was walking on a loose leash!

In just a short time he went from being afraid and wanting to bite me to being quite friendly and relaxed around me. I am thrilled with the transformation he made today. His family really stepped up and did a great job being his leader which made him feel safe enough to relax and let it go.

His family has a busy lifestyle with friends coming in and out of the front door. Being fearful, Kipper was constantly worried about his safety, so he would act out by trying to appear menacing so that the threat (aka the guest coming in the house) would go away from him. Now that he’s learned that his humans are in charge, and can keep him safe, he can relax.

Give your dog some leadership so they can relax.

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