Layla, a miniature pinscher (Min Pin) has a lot of barking issues due to insecurity. She also has separation anxiety and would howl once she was in her crate and her owners left. I helped them “cut the cord” and separate from Layla while they’re home. This CANNOT be done with a physical barrier as that can intensify the dog’s anxiety. We do this all without pain or treats as they too can make the issues worse.

I arrived to Layla barking frantically at me. She would switch between fear and then wanting to say hello to me, back to fear, back to showing interest. It was clear that she is an insecure dog that thought she is in charge of keeping her owners safe.

During her barking fit, I had her owner do a very simple technique that involves no props, collars or treats. Layla immediately understood what her owner was asking of her! Layla obliged, stepped away from me and quieted down.

This was the first time Layla’s owners could leave without her freaking out. They still have work to do, but are on the right path now that they can help Layla realize they are in control and are there to keep her safe, not the other way around. 

Separation Anxiety

Layla is a SUPER cute dog. She just runs a little “hotter” or is a little more “wound up” than most dogs. However, she’s even cuter now that she’s not obsessively barking and can be calm in her crate. Great job by her and her owners 🙂

If you’re having issues with your dog, please reach out. I’d love to be your Northern Virginia Dog Trainer / Dog Behaviorist.

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