How to teach a dog to stop barking can be a challenge. Ramona is a Great Dane/ boxer mix that will not stop barking at the front door when a guest knocks or rings the doorbell. By nature, she is an overexcited dog. She is incredibly sweet but has a difficult time calming down and relaxing.

As you can see, she is also quite big and very strong. This another reason why we don’t use physical means to train dogs. Hands are for petting only!

In order to teach a dog to stop barking at the front door or out the window, you should ask yourself why the dog is doing it in the first place. Is the dog just overexcited, is it a genetic issue, is it something we are doing as the owners that are playing in or encouraging this excitement/fear/aggression?

In order to teach a dog to stop barking I often show their owners how to claim objects. By claiming objects and space, you are setting yourself up as the leader in the dog’s mind. As the leader, it is my job to tell you when to calm down and that those guests knocking at my guests. That parlays into claiming the front door as well as recall if the dog runs to the door. We finished the lesson off with some quick walking drills. All of this is achieved without painful collars or treats.

Teach A Dog To Stop Barking Her owner sent me this after our lesson (note: we do not use any treats, prong or shock collars):

“Thank you Tommy! Ramona has been doing great today. She walked right next to me on the leash and backed away from me when someone came to the door. She is responding to my verbal sound and body language very well and respecting the boundaries I set. It’s amazing.”

If you have any questions or need help training your dog, please contact me!

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