Is your dog barking at the tv? Fergus is a nervous labradoodle. He’s very sweet. His parents were in need of dog training help because he would bark non stop when guests knocked on the door, jump on them and constantly barked at the TV. Pulling on the leash is also something they struggle with.

I start my clients off with an understanding of how we misinterpret dogs and how we send them mixed messages. Clear communication in their language/culture helps to prevent issues from arising. So often we are inadvertently telling our dogs to do things we don’t want them to do.

By doing a few non-physical exercises the dog starts to see the owner as their leader. Fergus was not an exception. This wonderful boy totally got it. His owners were so happy that they were now able to communicate their dog in such an easy way.

His owners are now able to watch TV without a sound from him. They even were able to watch shows with other dogs barking. I left for a while and when I came back I was able to ring the doorbell and knock multiple times without any barking and he didn’t run to the door. He was perfect!

We also did some leash walking. Because we had such great control of him inside and got his adrenaline so low, he was much easier to train His owners report that he and his brother walk nicely on leash and aren’t reacting to dogs that pass by anymore.

All of this was accomplished without painful collars or treats. Just clear communication. Dog training doesn’t have to be complicated, even when your dog is barking at the tv and the front door. Enjoy watching your shows!

If you have any questions or would like help with your dog, please contact me.

Labradoodle Barking At TV

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