Are you looking for pitbull training in Northern Virginia? I have two pitbulls and I love the breed. When I saw that Midas and his owner needed some help with dog training, I was very excited! However, after I met Midas I was tempted to lie and tell his owner there was no helping him… so that I could take him.

What a great dog. Midas is a recently adopted pitbull. He was barking, jumping, following his owner everywhere and pulling on the leash. Even answering the door became a challenge. I showed his owner a few non-physical, non-treat based techniques that changed things. By changing a few small things, it changed their relationship for the better. Midas was calm, didn’t bark or run to the door, he respected his owner’s space and stopped pulling on the leash.

No treats or painful collars were used to achieve these results. I have a way that teaches you to relate to your dog in a way that your dog understands. It’s their natural language or “culture.” It’s similar to our language, but I help you communicate more clearly with your dog. I see a lot of pitbulls and often joke I should change my company name to “Pitbull Training In Northern Virginia.” But there is more than just dog training when it comes to working with your dog. I help your dog feel more calm and relaxed by teaching you to be their leader.

He is a fantastic dog, I really love him. His owner is quite happy with my method of dog training for her sweet, but strong, pitbull. As the owner of two pitbulls, I know how headstrong and physically strong they can be. It’s my responsibility to keep them calm, safe and out of trouble. Being able to understand your dog is the first step and being able to control them without resorting to physical means is crucial.

His owner wrote:

Tommy is AMAZING!! You definitely can see the difference after the first session! He definitely not only works with your dog but with you so that you understand EVERYTHING! It’s been a month since our first session and Tommy has been checking up ever since! You can tell he really cares about the relationship between the owner and their dog. If you haven’t done Bark Busters, then you don’t know what you and your dog have been missing! It was a great learning experience for my dog and me, and I am so thankful to Tommy!

If you have any questions or need any help with dog training or behavior, please contact me!
Pitbull Training In Northern Virginia

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