Stubborn Dog Training in Northern VirginiaStubborn dog training in Northern Virginia? I’m your trainer!

Jeb is a recent adoption. He’s a 3-year-old redbone coonhound. His owners adopted him without really knowing a lot about his breed. While Jeb is a very sweet dog, he’s also a typical Coonhound – VERY STUBBORN. Jeb has quickly figured out how to get his way.

While talking with his owners they mentioned that he paws at them, barks constantly when he doesn’t get his way, counter surfs and purposely runs into them while they were in the yard. One of the owners has osteoporosis, so him running into her is VERY dangerous. I was able to see how much stress they were under from this dog they love so much. It’s a double whammy because they adopted him trying to do something nice for him.

Stubborn Dog Training – How To Do It?

First Rule… Never be physical with your dog. This can ruin the relationship with your best friend. Stubborn dogs are not much different than any other dog. You need to be able to speak their language and have them see you as the leader. Think about it. If you view someone in your life as your leader, you follow what they have to say. Someone will gain your respect and loyalty by being a certain way, not by bribing you with treats. Appeal to them mentally and emotionally and dogs will start to follow you.

After showing them a few simple, non-physical mental exercises for him, he became a whole new dog. A really sweet boy that learned to control his impulses, give space and finally sees them as his leaders – his safety. He seems grateful that I was there.

If you have a stubborn dog in need of training in the Northern Virginia area, please contact me!

Coonhound Training Virginia

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