Virtual Dog Training in Centreville, VA. Stanley and his owners were my latest virtual dog training clients. Stanley is a very cute 4-year-old miniature Dachshund. We addressed a lot of issues in a short amount of time that left everyone much more relaxed. Since both his owners are working from home we addressed his barking, separation anxiety, fear issues and to stop going crazy when someone comes to the door.

Dachshunds are often tenacious bankers. Stanley has learned that when his mom is on the phone, she is not paying attention to him. To remedy that, he barks at her non-stop so she will pay attention to him so he stops being so disruptive. When his dad takes him downstairs to let mom get some peace and quiet while on conference calls, Stanley also barks non-stop and tries to jump over the gate to go back upstairs. He also loses his mind when people knock on the door, also pulls on leash and is reactive to people and dogs.

Virtual Dog Training Centreville, VA

Our method of training teaches you to train your dog in a way they naturally understand. There are no shock or prong collars used.

Stanley is a fearful (and stubborn) dog. I had Stanley’s owners do several very easy techniques with him. These techniques help to transform their relationship. Just like everything in life, relationships are the basis of behavior. Interestingly, once Stanley started viewing his owners as his leaders and protectors most of his fears subsided. Knocking on the door no longer became a trigger for him. He quieted down and became more relaxed. His leash walking skills have even improved. All of this came from virtual dog training. No harsh or physical techniques are needed. I am there to help his parents do the work needed to help Stanley (and them) live a more relaxed life!

One of the best things about this lesson is that Stanly was suffering from Separation Anxiety. While leaving his owners could hear him barking and whining. Upon returning home they found their doors scratched up. Since our lesson, they have been able to leave without a peep from him and no destruction in the house.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me today!
Virtual Dog Training Centreville, VA

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