Virtual Dog Trainer in Centreville, VA. I did a virtual lesson with Tyson, a chow chow / Labrador mix, and his owners four days ago. His owners describe him as anxious, protective, will bark at any noise, crowds them when they eat, and pulls constantly on the leash. He also is fearful of people that approach them on walks and reactive to dogs. They also feared Tyson may have or may develop separation anxiety after they move and are spending more time out of the home. He is also quite a stubborn, but good looking, dog!

His owner updated me today:

“Just wanted to check in with you about Tyson’s progress. He has been doing absolutely amazing! I honestly was not expecting to see results so fast but through our daily “exercises” I am really beginning to see a shift in his in house behavior as well as on walks. In the house he is A LOT more relaxed.

On our walks, he focuses on me and seems largely unbothered by other people, dogs, etc which makes the walks more enjoyable for us both.”

Is A Virtual Dog Trainer Effective?

Tyson and his owner have made GREAT progress in just days. I haven’t even met them in person. No prong or shock collars or any physical techniques are used to achieve this. Most clients will see great results with our method because we teach you to train your dog.

I am an in-person and virtual dog trainer. Our system is a very natural, non-physical, way of communicating with your dog. You’re “speaking” their natural language, something they innately understand. Obviously, some dogs may be more difficult than others, and follow-ups in person are available. However, most dogs and owners will get a tremendous amount of progress by following our steps and exercises.

If you have questions or need help with your dog, please contact me today!

Here is Tyson calmly ignoring his favorite pair of socks to steal!
Virtual Dog Trainer in Centreville, VA

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