Dog Training For A Human Aggressive Dog in West Springfield, VA:

A very satisfying day. Winston is a recently adopted mixed-breed dog. His owners were told that he has “territorial aggression.” I actually disagree with that label. I also saw no signs of that at all. He’s a terrified dog that everyone felt sorry for. He didn’t feel there anyone was around to keep him safe. I had his owner do a few non-physical exercises and he completely relaxed.

Newly Adopted Dog Is Human Aggressive

Since being adopted from Homeward Trails Rescue, Winston has been growling and barking at the client’s elderly mother. Since his arrival, everyone in the house has been stressed. Within 30 minutes I was able to enter the house and Winston calmed down and gave space. I didn’t do anything with him. I always teach the client how to work with their dog.

Shortly after that, the client’s mother was able to enter the same room as him. She was happy that she could now be in the same room as him and her daughter and they could finally get caught up on their tv shows and lives together. Winston took some treats from grandma and then went back to sleep. They were blown away at his turn around in a short amount of time… AND they were a lot less stressed and happier. By understanding how dogs actually communicate you can help them feel safe and calm.

Winston may not ever be as friendly to strangers as a typical golden retriever, and that’s okay, but he will be much less stressed and scared knowing he has someone to stand for him and keep safe. He felt so relaxed that I was able to sit next to him and take this picture. Eventually, he came over and gave me a few licks which surprised even me.😀

He is not an aggressive dog. He is a fearful dog that was misinterpreting the situation. Once you can remove the fear from a dog, and show them that you are their leader, most of their fear will dissipate. Now he’s free to be himself and experience the good things in life.

Update from Winston, the formerly Human Aggressive Dog

Winston now LOVES his grandma. Since my visit there has been no growling or fear, just love. His Grandma can take him out, as well as walk downstairs without issue. They even like to curl up and watch tv together. This makes me and them very happy! Winston really deserves happiness.

Please contact me if you have any questions or would like to know more about the services I offer.

I don’t use shock or prong collars. I give you the tools to work with your dog in a non-physical way that helps them see you as their leader and protector. Learn to speak dog,  understand your dog better, and deepen your relationship!

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