Virtual Puppy Training in Fairfax, VA is a great way to teach owners how to deal with their dogs without the trainer influencing the dog or puppy.

Bad news. This is Mabel and she’s already been adopted. The good news is that and her owners took part in a virtual training session today. They all did great. Without using harsh methods like shock collars we are able to communicate with her in a way she easily understood. Since her parents are home working we worked on how to prevent separation anxiety. Mabel also likes to follow her owners to the door and try to be with them when they are going out. Dogs at the door are very dangerous.

I was able to help them create distance at the door as well as to not run out the door! Creating distance at doors and being able to leave the room without Mabel following helps reduce the chance of separation anxiety from starting. It also teaches her that her owners leaving isn’t something to worry about. Finally, we ended with some easy leash walking exercises.

Why Virtual Puppy Training?

The great thing about virtual puppy training is that I am teaching you to teach your dog. I have no influence on the dog. The dog is now looking to you for the “answers.” It doesn’t matter if your dog listens to me because I’m not living with them. Beware of board and train programs. They often use shock and prong collars to “teach” your dog. You also have no way of knowing what is happening to your dog, as they are out of your sight.

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me today! I can meet in person or set up a virtual puppy training (and adult dogs too) lessons. Learn to communicate with your dog in a natural way they easily understand.

Virtual Dog training

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