French Bulldog Training in Manassas, VA:

Meet Tito! He’s a French Bulldog that was about to break the door down when I first knocked. I’m not exaggerating either. Like most stubborn French Bulldogs, Tito had his owners at their wit’s end.

French Bulldog Training

By the end of our lesson he was no longer rushing the door, no longer jumping and actually walking on a loose leash – something he has never done before. This was achieved without any treats or shock or prong collars AND without ever telling him to “sit” or “stay.” It was simply communicating with him in a way he naturally understands. He’s even cuter when he is calm and relaxed!

His owners have tried everything to work with him, including shock collars (e-collars.) Once they learned how to communicate with him in a way he naturally understands, things were much easier.

In the video below, we still have some work to do as Tito is still switching sides, but he is walking behind his owner. Before we started the walking drills she said, “He will never walk on a loose leash.”  Well in the video you see that is not true! He is not pulling her or stopping to smell and mark. Even more impressive, he starts to slow himself down when he begins to almost pass his owner. You can actually see him thinking and paying attention. This mental energy will wear him out more than any of his previous walks. He is using exercising both his brain and body at the same time. And now his owner can enjoy the walks as well!

Again, this isn’t done using treats or being physical with your dog. You have to look at nature and see how dogs really communicate and what really drives them to do certain behaviors. Often times it’s just a few tweaks to the relationship the owner has with their dog that can create big results.

If you would like to learn how to work with your dog without treats or painful collars, please contact me!

Stubborn French Bulldog

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