1 on 1 Dog Training in the Mosaic District in Fairfax, VA

Freyja is a very sweet 4 year old. Her owners needed help with her leash walking, lunging and barking towards dogs, especially in the hallway of their apartment building and overall help calming her down. Without using any treats, prong or e-collars, I showed Freyja’s owners how to calm her down and, more importantly, think!

After a few non-physical exercises inside the apartment I showed her owners how to exit the apartment. An excited dog isn’t going to calm down once it’s out the door. It’s important that the dog learns to calm itself and look to it’s owner before exiting. This is especially important for a dog like Freyja that was leash reactive to dogs and people in the hallway.

Her owners sent me the video below. The door is open, but Freyja is choosing to stay inside the apartment, something that she wouldn’t have done before. She is using her brain and making the better decision! By working with your dog a few minutes each day, you can make HUGE strides in changing their behavior. It will also help you feel more relaxed because you are bonded to your dog and your household will be calmer overall.

What’s important here is that I show the owners how to work with their dogs. It doesn’t matter if the dog listens to me – I don’t live their! It’s also important that you know who is doing what with and to your dog. I show people a very natural method that makes sense to their dog because we are communicating with the dog in a way they naturally understand.

If you need 1 on 1 Dog Training in the Mosaic District or anywhere else in Fairfax, VA, contact me!

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