1 on 1 dog training in centreville, va1 on 1 Dog Training in Centreville, Virginia: Saturn is a 7 year old pitbull/amstaff mix. Her owner needed help with her because she was very reactive to other dogs on leash. She also jumped on her owner and barked in the backyard at people and other dogs.

Her owner was skeptical at first. Our training doesn’t usually involve treats, commands and never involves prong or e-collars. After do a few non-physical exercises at the home, Saturn was already calming down and using her brain. Getting the dog to use their brain is key to getting a calmer, more relaxed and less reactive dog.

I showed her owner how to slow Saturn before we even got out the door. A dog that is excited before they leave the house or yard typically will not calm down on the walk. It’s only going to get worse as the walk continues and the dog has less ability to regulate it’s excitement.

The walk went amazingly well. We saw a lot of dogs and even a cat. Saturn only focused on her owner. We didn’t give her any commands or punishments, but she chose to focus on her owner. After the walk she was mentally exhausted.

Since our visit her owner reports:

“I needed help for my 7 yo AmStaff mix who had issues on walks. Barking, pulling, growling at other dogs. It cause anxiety for my dog and for myself. As a pit mix, she already has strikes against her and I wanted to make sure she was a great breed ambassador. She had a rough past, abuse, used for breeding, etc. She needed help and so did I. Well, I reached out to Tommy and had him come to help. After ONE session, my girl now walks by my side, happy, relieved, and looking to me for guidance instead of going off the rails. And yard barking! Starting to see positive results! My wonderful girl now knows to look to me for direction, instead of doing it on her own. cannot thank Tommy enough and I cannot recommend him enough. If you and you furry friend need help, Tommy is your guy! Thank you, Tommy!”

If you need 1 on 1 dog training in Centreville, Virginia or any of the areas I cover, contact me!

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