What are the advantages of 1 on 1 Home Dog Training?

To me, it doesn’t help to have someone else train your dog. Your dog is then listening to someone else. The relationship is with the trainer, not you. It won’t always transfer. In our sessions, I coach you on how to work with your dog, including the trouble spots. That way all the leadership is coming from you, not some random person that your dog might respond differently towards.

More advantages of 1 on 1 Home Dog Training is that we work with your dog in their habitat. I can see your layout, neighborhood and how your dog acts/reacts and help you work through the issues. There is usually less stress for your dog, since they are in a familiar setting.

We don’t use painful methods and rarely use treats. Dogs can learn things using treats, but it doesn’t usually change their behaviors. I’ve never seen a dog give another dog a treat to make them stop doing something.

The biggest advantage of 1 on 1 Home Dog Training

The biggest advantage is peace of mind. Your dog is never out of your sight. You know exactly what is going on with your dog, what tools are being used and no one is abusing your dog. When you drop your dog off, you have no idea what is happening to them. I have heard so many horror stories, and read online reviews, of dogs coming back home injured, under weight and even dying at local boarding training centers.

I can’t imagine handing my dogs over to someone and not knowing what is happening to my dogs. This is not a condemnation or any accusations towards any specific training centers. They can be great, but they can also be awful. You just never know. Here is a video detailing several horrific incidents that can result in injuries like the ones you see in this photo.
Dog Board and Train Injury

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