1 on 1 Dog Training For A Yorkie in Burke, VA

Trixie is a wonderful 2 year old Yorkie.

Trixie’s owner said that she is a very reactive dog. Like many Yorkies, Trixie follows her nose and her impulses. In addtion, Trixie barks at the doorbell which is not ideal since the client has started watching her 11 month old grandson. Barking is not only annoying but it can only wake the baby.

Now that her grandson has started to crawl Trixie was following him, barking at him, licking his face and generally pestering him. It was at the point that he was starting to dislike Trixie. She has another grandchild due to be born in September 2023 and her owner wanted to get things under control before things got worse and before the new child was born.

This lesson was great! Trixie responded beautifully to the training. There were no treats used. No painful collars used. Just communication that Trixie naturally understands. Now Trixie is no longer barking at the doorbell. Her off leash recall is great. Even better, she is not pestering the grandson. Trixie’s owner was worried she was getting too interested in the baby and might try to correct him with a nip. Now she has peace of mind and a calmer, more relaxed dog and household.

Trixie’s owner decided on in home dog training for her Yorkie because I can see the environment they live in. I can see how they interact and see what’s going on in the home and relationship. From their I taught her owner how to work with her. It doesn’t matter if her dog listens to me. The dog needs to listen to the owner they live with every day.

If you need 1 on 1 Dog Training for a Yorkie, call or email me!

Dog Training for a Yorkie

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