In Home Dog Training In Centreville, VADo you have a dog that is Dog Barking and Lunging at Guests? Meet Bella. Bella is a Coonhound and Terrier mix. Her owners will be having new people come to the house in a few weeks. Bella is known to run to the front door, bark aggressively, jump and even nip the guests. There have been times that she has redirected and nipped at her owner.In our lesson she did amazing.

I had her owners do a few non-physical exercises with her while I was out front. Then I knocked on the door. Bella didn’t make a peep. Even when her owners invited me in, she stayed calm and relaxed.

We also worked on her leash walking and leash reactivity. Two dogs stopped about 10 feet in front of Bella and she didn’t react at all! I love her sweet face.

Since our lesson her owners report that she is staying out of the kitchen, which used to be a big issue. She was always under foot and almost caused them to fall a few times while cooking. The walks are calmer and she hasn’t been reacting to dogs either.

Update on Bella the dog barking and lunging at guests. One of the owners daughter visited with her new boyfriend:

“Just wanted to let you know things went great today! We did all the things you showed us before and while they came in, and also after they each got up to walk around. Bella didn’t bark at all, she gave space, and laid down – she was over wagging her tail and snuggled up within the first 10 minutes of meeting Alex. It went so great – thank you!!”Bella with guests

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