French Bulldog loose leash dog walkingLoose Leash Dog Walking Training In Centreville, VA: Bean is a super sweet French bulldog. He was pulling his mom all over the place! We did a few non physical drills and didn’t use any treats or painful collars. Now we have him thinking and following on the walk which is more beneficial for him and more comfortable for his owner.

His owner was trying to use treats to get him to walk calmly on leash and stop pulling her. Beans loves life and is just a little too excited on walks.

How To Achieve Loose Leash Dog Walking

I always start inside the home. By doing a few non-physical exercises, that don’t involve treats, we can get the dogs thinking and learning to down regulate their brains. That means less overexcitement. Too much excitement will make everything outside of the home much harder. From there, we transfer the skills to the outside world.

The calmer your dog’s brain is, the more things you can do with them because you have removed so many triggers that can cause embarrassing or bad behaviors. Let’s teach your dog to meditate!

Look at how great he’s walking! Beans is such a great dog, but now he’s ever better!

If you need help with walking or any other issues, contact me!

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