Chloe Fairfax VA Dog TrainingHow To Help A Dog Relax:

Dog Training in Fairfax, VA: Chloe has had a lot of changes in her life the past few months. She moved from a nice spot out in the country to the suburbs. In addition to pulling on leash, barking out the windows, running out the front door, she recently attacked a neighbor dog.

I often tell clients that we are trying to teach your dog to meditate. A dog with a calmer brain that isn’t overstimulated/excited makes better decisions. First we did a few drills inside the home. No painful collars, no treats. From there we slowed her down at the door. Dogs that explode out the door can get into trouble. Plus, if you want to help a dog to relax, you can’t take them out the door for a walk if their brain is already overstimulated.

Because Chloe is a Pitbull mix, she is quite strong. The goal is to help her focus a little more on her owner. That way her owner doesn’t have to try to muscle her on leash. We are ultimately looking to create a “mental leash” with the dog.

After working on the leash for a bit we saw the dog she attacked. This time she didn’t raise her hackles, growl or lunge. She calmly walked on by. And then we finished up with some more walking drills. No shock collars, no treats, no prong collars.

Good job Chloe!

If you have any questions or need any help, please contact me.

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