Bark Busters trains your dog in your home. This is where most of a dog’s behavioral issues occur and is also where your dog is most comfortable. In his home environment your dog can focus and respond better to training.


Tommy has been fantastic to work with! Our biggest concern was our dog Bella's reactivity to new people entering our home. In just one session, we saw an enormous change. And one week later, we had […]

Kerri | Centreville
Katy D.

We’ve had a great experience working with Tommy and our 7 month old pup! We noticed a big change during our first visit with Tommy. Our dog had pretty bad separation anxiety, and Tommy has been […]

Katy D. | West Springfield
Jean K.

You can tell Tommy was born to work with dogs, he truly has the passion and natural emotional intelligence. I've had 13 dogs in the past, none of which have been trained professionally. Ive worked […]

Jean K. | Fairfax
Pam V.

Trixie, my 5 pound Yorkie, was having a hard time adjusting to my newly mobile grandson. As he was crawling around, she would not stop licking his face and nipping his fingers while constantly […]

Pam V. | Burke
Jami R.

I needed help for my 7 yo AmStaff mix who had issues on walks. Barking, pulling, growling at other dogs. It cause anxiety for my dog and for myself. As a pit mix, she already has strikes against her […]

Jami R. | Centreville
Stephanie G.

Tommy has made all the difference with our babies!! Our girl Rogue has done a total 180! She had a rough start before she came to us, but now that’s all behind her. With Tommy’s help we understand […]

Stephanie G. | Manassas
Laila K.

We recently enlisted Tommy's assistance to help with training our 1 yr old pup and are writing to recommend him 100%. We had previously done group training classes with our puppy that he excelled at […]

Laila K. | Fairfax
April St O.

Tommy has had a profound impact on our puppy, both directly, and indirectly by influencing our perceptions and behaviors. I had high expectations and was skeptical of them being even remotely met when […]

April St O. | Burke
Chelly D.

Tommy Meyerhoeffer changed my pup’s life and mine. Tommy gives you the right skills and tools to correct any problematic behaviors or to manage it. My (at the time) 9-year old American Eskimo-poodle […]

Chelly D. | Fairfax
Laura C.

Have you heard of the dog whisperer? He’s real and his name is Tommy Meyerhoeffer. My daughter’s recent move into a third-floor garden apartment presented an unexpected problem: her perfectly […]

Laura C. | Centreville
Joshua T.

I honestly can't say enough about the work Tommy has done with our dog. We have a VERY high-energy Weimaraner that has a hard time respecting boundaries, amongst other things. Tommy has visited us a […]

Joshua T. | Warrenton
Vanessa W.

We elected to work with Tommy after researching several other trainers when our dog’s fear-based aggression got concerning. We saw results after the very first session, and Tommy takes great care to […]

Vanessa W. | Fairfax
Lauren G.

We adopted an American Pitbull puppy from a foster home a few weeks back to give our 8 year old American Pitbull a sister. American Pitbulls can be somewhat difficult with training due to their […]

Lauren G. | Manassas
Sonya H.

We just adopted a one year old pup. While she is very sweet, she has huge separation anxiety issues and since we have to go back to work soon, I felt like we need to overcome these issues quickly. She […]

Sonya H. | Haymarket
Linh B.

Tommy is great!! He helped us with our puppies when we first brought them home. Came over & helped resolve jumping, whimpering & nipping issues. He's always available to give us advice through […]

Linh B. | Fairfax
Sarah M.

We adopted our small dog from the local shelter and brought her home to her new family with my spouse, 2 children, 2 senior cats. She didn't have any obedience training and we immediately started it […]

Sarah M. | Manassas
Jade M.

When we moved from another state I was worried how my dog would handle the transition and how her history of aggressive behavior would come out. I contacted Tommy about a month before my move and he […]

Jade M. | Manassas
Whitney H.

My husband and I contacted Tommy after our dog had an unfortunate incident involving a neighbor's dog. My husband was wary, as another training program we had used for our older dog made him feel […]

Whitney H. | Burke
DeeDee C.

Tommy is AMAZING!! You definitely can see the difference after the first session! He definitely not only works with your dog but with you so that you understand EVERYTHING! It's been a month since our […]

DeeDee C. | Montclair
Lindsay B.

Penny had basic commands, but my husband and I were struggling with getting to that next level of good behavior. She would pull on the leash, jump up on people, dig at our couches, and had no personal […]

Lindsay B. | Fairfax, Fairfax (city)
Deanna F.

We were so pleasantly surprised at the difference we saw in our dog in just one 3-hour visit from Tommy. Our recently adopted 1-year old lab mix pulled really badly on walks and was overly excitable […]

Deanna F. | Haymarket
Karri Q.

I am so happy with the progress my dog has made since working with Tommy and Bark Busters. My pup is a large mutt - hound, lab, pit, pointer - a lot of hunting instincts in one 80 lb stubborn boy. […]

Doug and Rachael P.

We have a two year old female Golden Retriever that struggled mightily during walks (pulling) and barking at things outside of our house. Tommy came in and spent a few hours showing us how we can […]

Doug and Rachael P. | Haymarket
Kerry R.

I highly recommend Bark Busters Fairfax. Tommy Meyerhoeffer is an excellent dog (people) trainer and was prepared and professional during our home training session. We have two hound dogs, one of […]

Kerry R. | Centreville
Lucy B.

Tommy was phenomenal. The techniques he taught us have changed my 2 stubborn dachshunds' behavior dramatically. I waited to write this review to be sure the behavioral changes lasted and they have. We […]

Lucy B. | Fairfax
Sydney P.

If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!! I've never tried dog training before but I am beyond pleased with Tommy and all he has been able to offer us. Well worth the investment for greater peace […]

Sydney P. | Fairfax
Kyle K.

I want to start by saying that this is only the second time that I’ve ever left an online review for a service, product, restaurant, etc. but Tommy deserves it. We adopted our dog back in April […]

Kyle K. | Fairfax, Fairfax (city)
Connie T.

I couldn't be happier that Tommy is our new dog trainer. We had an unfortunate experience of our dog getting over excited and protective of my kids, and then biting a child, and I was fearful that we […]

Connie T. | Manassas
Dana S.

Tommy came out today to meet with me and my two dogs. One of the dogs has barking/anxiety issues and the other likes to bark for, what seems to be, attention-getting purposes. Tommy trained me on […]

Dana S. | Centreville
Amanda E.

Tommy is FANTASTIC. We are very grateful for his initial help and continued support. From the first session, he gave us so much hope which is huge to us. He is extremely professional and focused on […]

Amanda E. | Fairfax
Tina A.

Tommy worked wonders with our newly rescued dog, Muggsy. We'd only had him a week and saw the need for some training. Within about two hours he was no longer trying to bolt out the door to get outside […]

Tina A. | Manassas
Candace P.

Simply amazing. My family and I have had dogs since I was a little girl. We had always adopted our dogs directly from the breeders and raised them from puppyhood on to adulthood. So, I felt I could […]

Candace P. | Springfield
Katlyn H.

Tommy was a great trainer with my dog Harlem. Harlem picked up the training during the 1st session and we have continued to work on it by ourselves. Tommy was a great choice to fix Harlem’s […]

Katlyn H. | Manassas
Gabby P.

If you are looking for a great dog trainer, this is your guy. Tommy of Bark Busters is the third trainer that I have worked with in this area, and he is absolutely the best. He is responsive, a great […]

Gabby P. | Fairfax
Walt T.

Tommy Meyerhoeffer definitely speaks dog. After just one session we had a different dog. The pooch no longer rules the roost. We've been able to modify his behavior in a very easy way with no gimmicks […]

Walt T. | Burke
Lisa C.

I adopted a wonderful dog from a local rescue this past Fall that had severe separation anxiety, and I realized I needed some professional help to make sure he would be safe when he was alone. Tommy's […]

Lisa C. | Centreville
Linda N.

I reached out to Tommy at Bark Busters for help with my 11 year old Chihuahua, Oscar, and recently adopted 10 year old Pitbull, Roo. I reached out on a Thursday morning and Tommy was able to come that […]

Linda N. | Centreville
Laura M.

I found Tommy Meyerhoeffer while generally searching online for help with our new puppy. While mostly house trained our pup was still peeing and pooping in the house in odd ways that seemed […]

Laura M. | Springfield
Laura M.

I found Tommy Meyerhoeffer while generally searching online for help with our new puppy. While mostly house trained our pup was still peeing and pooping in the house in odd ways that seemed […]

Laura M. | Springfield
Laura L.

Our vet recommended Bark Busters to help train our puppy, Bailey. With our past pets we always took them to group training with little to no results. We decided to do something different with […]

Laura L. | Burke
Aimee H.

My boyfriend and I just got a 3 month old collie retriever named Chino. I was a little rusty on puppy training since it's been 10 years since I had to a puppy and wanted Chino to have a good start in […]

Aimee H. | Centreville
Christina K.

We hired Tommy a bit last minute through bark busters while visiting in town from abroad. Bark busters is a bit more expensive so we were a little wary and went back-and-forth on whether it would be […]

Christina K. | Fairfax
Elaine D.

My husband and I were so impressed with Tommy's visit yesterday. Not only was he well spoken and personable, he helped us train our dog when we thought she may need to be re-homed. Just after two […]

Elaine D. | Fairfax
Natalia M.

Tommy Meyerhoeffer visited us to help integrate our new 9 month old, a shelter dog, into our home. We already had another female, 6 years old, and saw signs of dominance and some aggression from both […]

Natalia M. | Fairfax
Sharon C.

Thank you for all your help with Jake and Penny yesterday. I was truly amazed at how effective the training techniques were! I was surprised at how well Jake responded. I was really worried it was too […]

Sharon C. | Manassas
Alex V.

Tommy saved my sanity! I rescued a pitbull mix and it was IMPOSSIBLE to walk him on a leash. I had raised dogs before and even took some pet store training courses to help with his pulling. NOTHING […]

Alex V. | Fairfax
Courtney R.

Tommy helped me with training my head-strong miniature dachshund, Dallas. She had extreme separation anxiety. She would chew through her crate, cutting her mouth in the process and then completely […]

Courtney R. | Fairfax