Kerri | Centreville

November-17-2023 Bark busters rating

Tommy has been fantastic to work with! Our biggest concern was our dog Bella's reactivity to new people entering our home. In just one session, we saw an enormous change. And one week later, we had another new visitor to our home. Using the tools we'd learned with Tommy, we had no issue with the guest coming in at all! Tommy spent a couple hours with us in the first session, teaching us some techniques to use (and importantly, the "why" behind them). He is an excellent teacher and it's obvious he adjusts and tailors his approach depending on the dog and the need. It does take some regular practice with your dog to have continued success, so make sure to consider that. He's followed up with us several times after to see how things are going and offer more tips, and has done drop by visits to give us and Bella more practice with having people at the door. We've had new visitors coming by our home several times after, and the difference in our dog is amazing. It's been a relief to us to know we can have people over much more easily. My husband and I said at several points, "Why didn't we do this sooner?" If you're on the fence about whether he can help you, I absolutely recommend giving him a call!

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Katy D. | West Springfield

May-14-2023 Bark busters rating

We’ve had a great experience working with Tommy and our 7 month old pup! We noticed a big change during our first visit with Tommy. Our dog had pretty bad separation anxiety, and Tommy has been helping us to make changes to give him a more stress-free life. He doesn’t judge, and he’s very encouraging. He’s helped with other situations, like people coming to the door and anxiety at the vet. Not only did he show us what we can do to help our dog, but he’s great at explaining why it’s so important and how it works. We would definitely recommend Tommy and Bark Busters!

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Jean K. | Fairfax

May-11-2023 Bark busters rating

You can tell Tommy was born to work with dogs, he truly has the passion and natural emotional intelligence. I've had 13 dogs in the past, none of which have been trained professionally. Ive worked with him with my two Westies (2 years old now) in preparation for good behavior around my 6 month old. He's also recently come over to help with my mom who is my babysitter who brings her 10 year old maltese who does not get along with one of my westies. Because of his training and support, our schedules have become SO much easier because all the dogs and baby gets along. I really recommend Tommy for anyone who has a dog- its been SUCH an amazing difference. Thank you so much!

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Pam V. | Burke

February-05-2023 Bark busters rating

Trixie, my 5 pound Yorkie, was having a hard time adjusting to my newly mobile grandson. As he was crawling around, she would not stop licking his face and nipping his fingers while constantly following him around. Tommy came over and Trixie responded immediately. He stayed for a couple of hours to take us through a few scenarios and practice on location. Trixie and I both loved having Tommy over. He is extremely personable and very good at what he does. I highly recommend him.

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Jami R. | Centreville

November-10-2022 Bark busters rating

I needed help for my 7 yo AmStaff mix who had issues on walks. Barking, pulling, growling at other dogs. It cause anxiety for my dog and for myself. As a pit mix, she already has strikes against her and I wanted to make sure she was a great breed ambassador. She had a rough past, abuse, used for breeding, etc. She needed help and so did I. Well, I reached out to Tommy and had him come to help. After ONE session, my girl now walks by my side, happy, relieved, and looking to me for guidance instead of going off the rails. And yard barking! Starting to see positive results! My wonderful girl now knows to look to me for direction, instead of doing it on her own. cannot thank Tommy enough and I cannot recommend him enough. If you and you furry friend need help, Tommy is your guy! Thank you, Tommy!

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Stephanie G. | Manassas

November-10-2022 Bark busters rating

Tommy has made all the difference with our babies!! Our girl Rogue has done a total 180! She had a rough start before she came to us, but now that’s all behind her. With Tommy’s help we understand her needs and make her feel safe.

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Laila K. | Fairfax

November-05-2022 Bark busters rating

We recently enlisted Tommy's assistance to help with training our 1 yr old pup and are writing to recommend him 100%. We had previously done group training classes with our puppy that he excelled at but were having more "advanced" issues specific to him. For context, he is a rescue from Puerto Rico and he's been at home with us since he was 2 months old. He loved other dogs too much, was scared of bicycles/scooters/anything on wheels, and was nervous passing people on walks, all of which resulted in out-of-control barking, lunging, etc. He also got to 50 lbs. so I was really struggling to control him physically, which was really dangerous for both of us. Lastly, he absolutely was not able to tolerate having guests over in the house when I was home alone with him and would bark and rush the door, and aggressively bark nonstop even when in his crate or a separate room. It got to the point where I dreaded our walks and was constantly tense, looking out for potential triggers. It was tough and embarrassing dealing with his freak outs and we were definitely the owner/dog pair that had to cross the street to avoid things he was fearful of or excited about. I similarly dreaded any time we did maintenance in the house, etc. because I could not have a conservation over the loud barking. After much research and some over-the-phone consultations with different trainers, we decided to work with Tommy mainly due to the stellar reviews and his ability to come to our house and address problems specific to our dog in his home environment (where his issues were the worst). Within 5 minutes of walking through the door, Tommy was able to help our dog calm down, something that has NEVER happened before. In just the first visit Tommy covered almost all the problem behaviors on my extensive list. Tommy gave us explicit directions and training techniques with notes for practicing to help us stay on track. He was completely judgement-free and listened in-depth to all the scenarios and problems I described so he could tell us how to work on them. He really seemed to understand what my dog was feeling and why. He taught me how to get my dog to respond to me with little to no treats. Immediately after the first visit, I noticed a HUGE change. We had a follow-up visit to go over additional things like recall, coming to my husband when called, reviewing ways to set him up for success with leaving him home alone etc. and to get an assessment from Tommy on the progress we've made. Tommy is also very quick/responsive via email for follow-up questions. From the first visit to the second, it's like we have a completely new dog. I joke that it's like he's had an exorcism- but really, it is! We are now able to have relaxed, long walks that are enjoyable for the both of us. We used to receive a lot of compliments from strangers commenting that our dog is handsome, but now we are able to receive compliments without our dog subsequently barking away said stranger. We also receive a lot more "I like your dog" compliments from small children (which our dog used to bark at). We even can pass dogs on the sidewalk that our dog used to lose his mind at. He has completely stopped pulling and we can have guests over with minimal reaction from him. He frequently "checks in" with us on walks/anytime we encounter something that used to set him off. I had seen many other reviews that mentioned changes in the dog after the first visit. I was skeptical because I thought our dog was so out of control, it would surely take a few visits to see an improvement. I was wrong- Tommy really has the magic touch that has helped our family immensely.

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April St O. | Burke

February-13-2021 Bark busters rating

Tommy has had a profound impact on our puppy, both directly, and indirectly by influencing our perceptions and behaviors. I had high expectations and was skeptical of them being even remotely met when Tommy entered our lives. But here’s the thing; Your dog is a family member that lives with you but speaks an entirely different language. And the only way it will really work, and to have a happy, healthy household for everyone involved, is to learn how to communicate with each other. You will not find another equally wonderful trainer for less money or a better “deal”. You will not find a better deal anywhere, because it’s the best, most meaningful, insightful, comprehensive, and limitless (for the life of your pet) training available. You get your money’s worth and then some, because training and communicating with your pet is a lifetime endeavor as things change and your needs change and evolve. Let my research and experience save you time and disappointment. I can’t speak to other trainers at Bark Busters, but Tommy Meyerhoeffer is the absolute best. Through all the ups and downs, stress and worry of the first year, I don’t know how I would have made it through without Tommy, who also happens to be incredibly communicative and responsive. Look no further. You’ve found the best choice already. You will not regret it. You will thank your lucky stars for finding your answer.

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Chelly D. | Fairfax

September-27-2020 Bark busters rating

Tommy Meyerhoeffer changed my pup’s life and mine. Tommy gives you the right skills and tools to correct any problematic behaviors or to manage it. My (at the time) 9-year old American Eskimo-poodle dog, Noah, was aggressive (growling, lunging, barking) towards other dogs and food possessive towards humans and dogs. Tommy taught me which behaviors were normal for canines and what were manageable issues. The important thing I learned was that if you truly want change and to improve your pup’s lifestyle, you must consistently train them. Also, I saw improvements the same day that Tommy came to train Noah with me. Tommy took the time to answer and manage any issues that I had or thought of until I had the correct tools to improve my pup’s life and behavior. I really appreciated that Tommy is passionate about his own dog’s lifestyle as well. A year later, Noah is now living peacefully with his new puppy sister and meeting different dogs of different ages without issue. I couldn’t imagine that he likes his puppy sister so much, either...being the dog that has lived without other canines for 9 years. I am so blown away by this. I have such a wonderful life with my pups now. His pulling, lunging, and barking at other dogs is now much more manageable and definitely SO much less than before, now that I have the different skills and methods Tommy taught me.

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Laura C. | Centreville

August-31-2020 Bark busters rating

Have you heard of the dog whisperer? He’s real and his name is Tommy Meyerhoeffer. My daughter’s recent move into a third-floor garden apartment presented an unexpected problem: her perfectly perfect lab of 7 years wanted nothing to do with the open-riser stairs one must climb to access their home. We tried every trick we could think of over the course of the past few weeks and had no luck. Enter Tommy. We set up an appointment to meet at the apartment building. Spoiler alert: by the end of our session, Tommy had Duke up and down those three flights of stairs, no hesitation in his movement. Tommy moved purposefully and calmly from the moment he met Duke. He simultaneously led Duke and responded to him, adjusting along the way as he observed Duke’s behavior. He pointed out Duke’s subtle behaviors to me and highlighted what they meant. He was patient and resourceful, and Duke responded accordingly. In addition to helping Duke to meet this challenge, Tommy then guided me as I accompanied Duke up and down stairs, pointing out ways in which I and other family members could ensure a safe and stress-free continuation of Duke’s new skill. Happy to report that Duke is happy as can be to be reunited with his family and is a pro at those scary open stairs. Thank you, Tommy!


Joshua T. | Warrenton

July-29-2020 Bark busters rating

I honestly can't say enough about the work Tommy has done with our dog. We have a VERY high-energy Weimaraner that has a hard time respecting boundaries, amongst other things. Tommy has visited us a couple of times and had a bunch of different strategies and methods for us to try. The results were almost instantaneous with our dog. Not only was Tommy fantastic in our training sessions, but he routinely follows up and checks in to see how things are going. It's easy to see that he not only loves what he does for a living, but he genuinely cares to see dogs at their best. If you're considering training for your dog, I highly recommend Bark Busters, but make sure you ask for Tommy.

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Vanessa W. | Fairfax

July-07-2020 Bark busters rating

We elected to work with Tommy after researching several other trainers when our dog’s fear-based aggression got concerning. We saw results after the very first session, and Tommy takes great care to work with both you and the dog, teaching you things to learn and unlearn. We’ve brought him back for a couple of follow up matters after our initial session, only to find some of those issues were brought on by bad habits that were unknowingly being encouraged and accidentally rewarded by us. It’s been training for us at being effective owners as much, and probably more, than simply training the dog. He really gives you the tools and support you need to succeed as a dog owner and I can’t recommend him enough!

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Lauren G. | Manassas

June-25-2020 Bark busters rating

We adopted an American Pitbull puppy from a foster home a few weeks back to give our 8 year old American Pitbull a sister. American Pitbulls can be somewhat difficult with training due to their stubborn and highly intelligent nature. We enrolled both pups into Tommy's training program so that there was continuity between the two. We were worried about having our 8 year old essentially "re-trained" due to past training events. However, just ONE day training with Tommy with our 8 year old has been LIFE CHANGING. We love the support and guidance we receive with Tommy - We cannot wait for our puppy to start her training (she still has puppy brain). Thank you Tommy, we look forward to seeing you soon!!!

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Sonya H. | Haymarket

June-23-2020 Bark busters rating

We just adopted a one year old pup. While she is very sweet, she has huge separation anxiety issues and since we have to go back to work soon, I felt like we need to overcome these issues quickly. She hates the crate too. I spoke with June at Bark Busters, who made me feel assured Tommy would work well for Gertie's issues. Tommy is very knowledgeable, and to our surprise, we made great strides in the very first visit. Tommy isn't an "obedience" trainer, he is a dog behavior trainer! He knows how to make the dog feel secure and comfortable, which enables her to understand what you're communicating to her. We still have plenty to do and we must keep up with the "homework," but I highly recommend Tommy for your dog's behavior needs!

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Linh B. | Fairfax

March-23-2020 Bark busters rating

Tommy is great!! He helped us with our puppies when we first brought them home. Came over & helped resolve jumping, whimpering & nipping issues. He's always available to give us advice through email too. Would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for assistance with their fur babies.

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Sarah M. | Manassas

March-19-2020 Bark busters rating

We adopted our small dog from the local shelter and brought her home to her new family with my spouse, 2 children, 2 senior cats. She didn't have any obedience training and we immediately started it but it was tough, she wasn't responding in many instances. Her biggest issues were separation anxiety, nipping at the kids, pulling on the walk and chasing the cats. Then she began peeing around the house. I felt like I was losing the battle even though we felt successful with our previous chihuahua of 10 years and read all the training books. A friend recommended bark busters and Tommy came in and immediately set the record straight! We realized we had not been claiming objects, people and territories around the house. The techniques worked and she responded instantly. We kept up with the homework and all of the family worked with our new pack member. She never marked once more in the home in the past month! She did a complete 180. She now walks calmly on the leash 98% of the time, she doesn't bark in her crate when we leave for an hour to go to the store, she gives us space and she stopped chasing the cats and nipping at the kids. We have seen an immense improvement and can't wait to spend the next decade with our cute new family member! Thank you Tommy! I have told all of our friends about Bark Busters.

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Jade M. | Manassas

February-10-2020 Bark busters rating

When we moved from another state I was worried how my dog would handle the transition and how her history of aggressive behavior would come out. I contacted Tommy about a month before my move and he scheduled to meet us soon after we arrived. I was skeptical but there was absolutely no need! Tommy was incredibly patient and took the time to explain to me not only what he was doing but why so that I could continue to do the same. He showed me a great way to introduce my dog to strangers (an area of significant difficulty for her previously), as well as how to alleviate her fears and desire to protect me around others. He even helped me with her walking and now walks are enjoyable for both of us! I never thought I’d be so confident introducing my dog to new people but Tommy really gave me the skills to do so and continued to check in along the way! I’m so glad I called Tommy and would highly recommend him!

Aggression Pulling Separation anxiety

Whitney H. | Burke

January-16-2020 Bark busters rating

My husband and I contacted Tommy after our dog had an unfortunate incident involving a neighbor's dog. My husband was wary, as another training program we had used for our older dog made him feel judged and looked down upon, in almost a "how could you let your dog get this way?" kind of vibe. Within the first ten minutes of meeting Tommy, I knew this was going to be a totally different experience. We felt absolutely no judgement from Tommy. He never made us feel irresponsible, dumb, or less than. in fact, he truly has the gift of quickly figuring out what types of examples you could personally relate to when explaining dog behavior or training techniques. We are both high school teachers and he quickly modified his examples to be things like, "so if a student gets out of his seat when he's not allowed to, what would you do?" It put the concepts into a psychological space that we could directly relate to and made it easier to understand, and then ultimately, remember. Tommy has met with us multiple other times and has always let what work needs to be done dictate the amount of time he spends with me. I never feel rushed nor do I feel silly asking questions or having Tommy demonstrate things for me. He is constantly accessible when I need help, and has gone out of his way to help me with my pup. He is absolutely invaluable and I couldn't recommend him more highly to anyone who is in need of help with their dog.

Aggression Barking Jumping up Pulling

DeeDee C. | Montclair

December-21-2019 Bark busters rating

Tommy is AMAZING!! You definitely can see the difference after the first session! He definitely not only works with your dog but with you so that you understand EVERYTHING! It's been a month since our first session and Tommy has been checking up ever since! You can tell he really cares about the relationship between the owner and their dog. If you haven't done Bark Busters, then you don't know what you and your dog have been missing! It was a great learning experience for my dog and me, and I am so thankful to Tommy!

Hyperactivity Jumping up Pulling Separation anxiety

Lindsay B. | Fairfax, Fairfax (city)

October-09-2019 Bark busters rating

Penny had basic commands, but my husband and I were struggling with getting to that next level of good behavior. She would pull on the leash, jump up on people, dig at our couches, and had no personal boundaries when guests sat down - things we didn't know how to approach training. That's when we found Tommy. It was amazing watching him interact with Penny as he got a feel for the type of dog she is and figuring out her quirks. He also talked through everything he was doing with us, so we could understand and learn ourselves. Within one lesson, Tommy taught us how to better communicate with Penny, and helped us with every issue we addressed. We could finally take covers off of our couches, I can easily walk my 60 pound dog, and she doesn't jump or get on people. Tommy is very professional and friendly, and is an incredible trainer. He was just the same when I emailed him following the in-home training with a couple of questions, and I know I can reach out to him anytime we need to. I'm going to get Tommy to help us with every dog we have. I can't recommend him enough.

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Deanna F. | Haymarket

August-25-2019 Bark busters rating

We were so pleasantly surprised at the difference we saw in our dog in just one 3-hour visit from Tommy. Our recently adopted 1-year old lab mix pulled really badly on walks and was overly excitable all of the time, especially with guests. We tried a pet store group training class, internet searches, and training videos, but nothing was working to calm her down. After just one session with Tommy, she was a completely different dog. He taught us how to get her to calm down and pay more attention to what we were asking. She's better on walks and we're also able to stop her from jumping on guests. All of this was accomplished without treats! I had read the reviews and was skeptical that one session could really make a difference, but I'm glad to say I was wrong. The methods really work!

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July-12-2019 Bark busters rating

I am so happy with the progress my dog has made since working with Tommy and Bark Busters. My pup is a large mutt - hound, lab, pit, pointer - a lot of hunting instincts in one 80 lb stubborn boy. We tried other in home trainers when he was younger, and while he learned some things, at 2 years, I was still left with a big, strong dog who pulled hard during walks, tried to chase squirrels/bunnies, and jumped on people in the home. Those trainers stopped working with us after he was out of "adolescence" so I was left on my own. I signed up with Tommy after my pup almost knocked me over to get to a squirrel one day. I needed help! After the one session with Tommy, there were immediate changes. To see the results that day was amazing. I have to say though, that it still takes work and commitment. There's no magic button. Tommy gives you the tools to work with your dog and while there were immediate results, we have to keep working to keep him on track. It's amazing though when I'm walking with my dog now, and he's walking right next to me - occasionally looking up at me. Where in the past, he was pulling my arm out of the socket, hunting for squirrels and good smells, as if I didn't exist on the other end of the leash. I really appreciate that the method doesn't require electrical shocking my dog or any other pain. Treats didn't work on my dog either, as a tasty squirrel looks much yummier than my treat. It's not just walks either, his in home behavior has improved so much as well. Much less jumping on anyone, and easily corrected if he screws up. And when the doorbell rings, I'm actually able to open the door now! Tommy has continued to be supportive in the process as well. He's so responsive when I reach out via email with a question or new issue to address. He checks in periodically too. It's nice to know I have lifetime support now from an amazing trainer who clearly loves what he does. Can't recommend Tommy and the Bark Busters method enough! Worth every penny!

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Doug and Rachael P. | Haymarket

March-12-2019 Bark busters rating

We have a two year old female Golden Retriever that struggled mightily during walks (pulling) and barking at things outside of our house. Tommy came in and spent a few hours showing us how we can change our overall outlook toward her, which has drastically decreased her anxiety. When on the leash walking outside with these new tactics, Tommy had her calm and walking right next to him WITHIN SECONDS. He also leaves you with homework and takeaways that you can continue to work on. We would highly recommend Tommy if you have a pup that needs some direction and structure. He's great!

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Kerry R. | Centreville

December-10-2018 Bark busters rating

I highly recommend Bark Busters Fairfax. Tommy Meyerhoeffer is an excellent dog (people) trainer and was prepared and professional during our home training session. We have two hound dogs, one of which was a nightmare to take on walks because of her natural hunting instincts. Before Tommy left on our very first day of training our sweet girl was walking by my side and catching on quickly to what I wanted her to do. Be prepared - the success of ongoing training is fully in the owners hands! Tommy spent the time with us to teach us about the natural instincts and thought patterns of dogs, and this has helped guide me during our "homework" time.

Barking Pulling Recall

Lucy B. | Fairfax

December-04-2018 Bark busters rating

Tommy was phenomenal. The techniques he taught us have changed my 2 stubborn dachshunds' behavior dramatically. I waited to write this review to be sure the behavioral changes lasted and they have. We still have to work with them, as Tommy instructed, but their behavior improvement and our ability to control them is striking.

Aggression Barking Recall

Sydney P. | Fairfax

November-27-2018 Bark busters rating

If I could give more than 5 stars I would!!! I've never tried dog training before but I am beyond pleased with Tommy and all he has been able to offer us. Well worth the investment for greater peace in your own home!! My training needs: My situation with my dogs is quite complex. I have not one, not two, but THREE beagles! They are all between 2 and 4 years old, so they were a little bit 'set in their ways'. Beagles are not the most obedient breed but with Tommy we were shocked at their ability to learn! My dogs were not having simple training issues like chewing on household items or peeing in the house -- their issues were more behavioral like: barking at movement, barking at strangers or guests in our home, barking for food or scratching cabinets for (demanding) food, being possessive of spaces in our home (couches, beds etc), some aggression between the two boy dogs, and always being under our feet (this can be quite dangerous with three dogs always one step away from tripping you up!). Tommy's solutions: After one session with Tommy my dogs behaviors have totally changed, its like night and day! There were so many things that were just ideal about Tommy's training interventions. First, he comes to you. I think this is such a huge plus because for my dogs, anxiety and strangers is an issue. It wouldn't make sense to take them to a new environment where their training can't be retained because they are so distracted by fear, strangers, or other animals. Second, Tommy trains YOU not your dogs. Tommy doesn't do all these tricks with treats or clickers to get your dogs to behave and then just leaves. He observes your dogs and starts to tell you all the behaviors you can engage in to address every single situation you are facing with your pet. Throughout the session, you are doing the work and the commanding. Third, he didn't just come over and address one or a few of the things you might have mentioned to him -- he really takes the time to tackle all problems (big or small) that you are seeing with your dogs. Fourth, Tommy doesn't force you to make any changes to your lifestyle or your procedure with your animals. If your dog is allowed on furniture, kenneled vs. not kenneled etc, this doesn't matter to Tommy. He really works to teach you how to handle your dogs in the way you prefer, not in some prescriptive, rigid format. Moreover, he assigns you 'homework' to continue practicing with your dogs after he leaves, but it isn't something so strenuous that you have to change your lifestyle (take time off work, carve out an hour of your day for more training etc). Finally, he is just an overall friendly and patient guy. I know the idea of a stranger coming to your home may seem uncomfortable at first, but Tommy really put me and my mom at ease during this training. Overall, I would absolutely recommend Tommy to anyone who has considered seeking a dog trainer. I went back and forth on whether or not this would work and I'm ultimately glad I took the chance on training. I read his reviews (I found Tommy through googling trainers in the area) and thought they all looked nice but that my situation was so much more complex. I really thought "this is going to be the case that Tommy can't fix" -- I mean, three beagles who normally bark endlessly at strangers (among all their other issues) is quite a challenge. I was certainly wrong, and Tommy was more than able to address all our needs. If Tommy can handle my situation and my three crazy dogs, I'm sure he could help you in yours.

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Kyle K. | Fairfax, Fairfax (city)

November-02-2018 Bark busters rating

I want to start by saying that this is only the second time that I’ve ever left an online review for a service, product, restaurant, etc. but Tommy deserves it. We adopted our dog back in April of this year knowing that it would be more challenging to train her than usual. She was a 2 ½ year old stray German Shepard/lab/husky/every other breed imaginable who had just had puppies. We were having trouble getting her to stop pulling on a leash and to listen when we were outside, especially with other dogs present. Tommy came over and taught us how to get her in the mindset of “my people are in control of everything” and keep her calm before she gets fired up and desperately trying to get to the other dogs. We’ve since been able to get her to walk at our side with no pulling, and have made tremendous progress in only a few days with other dogs and getting better everyday.

Aggression Pulling Recall

Connie T. | Manassas

October-26-2018 Bark busters rating

I couldn't be happier that Tommy is our new dog trainer. We had an unfortunate experience of our dog getting over excited and protective of my kids, and then biting a child, and I was fearful that we would have to say goodbye to her. But I wanted to give the dog every chance I could to succeed. I read some reviews of Tommy online and after contacting him he came to my home the very next day. Within our first session, I felt like I had a new dog. Since that first session, my dog respects me and her environment much more, she is calmer, more relaxed, and looks to me for direction rather than feeling like she has to protect me from every movement of a person, or a dog, or a leaf, or anything that should pass her way. My friends have been amazed at the change in my dog and have kept asking, "What did the trainer do with her?" The surprising part is, he did just about nothing with her except watch her closely. And he did everything with me. My dog had no doubt that I was the one she should listen to. And even if I was confused about what to do, or got nervous myself (make no mistake, I LOVE my dog and this was a scary time in our lives), Tommy stayed completely calm and non-anxious, directed all of his conversation toward me, and helped me gain every understanding I needed in order to succeed. He did pay attention to my dog, love on her, took pictures of her, and all that fun stuff -- when the time was right. But he was here to do his job and to give us his expertise, which was to lend tranquility and order to our little pack. Even since our training session he has been completely responsive, he will come back to be sure we are continuing well in our relationship with the dog, and I am so very happy for this. A couple of times I've done puppy classes at local pet stores. The kind of training those places do does not even BEGIN to compare to what Tommy does with an owner, a family, a dog, a home, and a future for a group of folks living together. I'm forever grateful to Tommy for how he has helped this piece of our life so much, and for how he has helped me to find the amazing dog that was inside my pooch the whole time. I look forward to continued discovery with him.

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Dana S. | Centreville

September-12-2018 Bark busters rating

Tommy came out today to meet with me and my two dogs. One of the dogs has barking/anxiety issues and the other likes to bark for, what seems to be, attention-getting purposes. Tommy trained me on how to deal with the dogs' behavior and they responded very well. I will continue to practice with them daily but so far, I am already seeing huge positive changes in their behavior.

Barking Hyperactivity Separation anxiety Other

Amanda E. | Fairfax

August-20-2018 Bark busters rating

Tommy is FANTASTIC. We are very grateful for his initial help and continued support. From the first session, he gave us so much hope which is huge to us. He is extremely professional and focused on his job, he did not once get distracted by other things in our apartment building, side conversation, etc. We are truly thankful.

Puppy management Separation anxiety Toileting

Tina A. | Manassas

August-17-2018 Bark busters rating

Tommy worked wonders with our newly rescued dog, Muggsy. We'd only had him a week and saw the need for some training. Within about two hours he was no longer trying to bolt out the door to get outside and was walking on leash like a champ! With consistent practice and training using the techniques Tommy showed us, he has transformed. I highly recommend working with Tommy! He's patient, funny, and he really loves dogs. I'm 100% satisfied and look forward to enjoying many years with our now well-behaved pup!

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Candace P. | Springfield

July-06-2018 Bark busters rating

Simply amazing. My family and I have had dogs since I was a little girl. We had always adopted our dogs directly from the breeders and raised them from puppyhood on to adulthood. So, I felt I could say I was an experienced dog owner. Little did I know that adopting my own dog, a stray, was more difficult than I had realized. I adopted a one year old stray "megamutt" from Kuwait about 8 months ago. She was surprisingly house trained and for the most part well-behaved with other dogs. I had considered training classes at PetSmart and Petco to help with her socializing skills, but feared that her anxiety would cause issues. I found Tommy through a friend who referred Bark Busters. While I love the lifetime guarantee the company offers, the service that really got my attention and had me reach out to make an appointment was the home-based training. Tommy came to my house and worked with Sooner and my mom's 2 year old husky in a place where they felt comfortable. Immediately, my mom and I noticed changes in our dogs behavior. I swear Tommy brought dogs who were identical to ours over and swapped them out. He was so patient with my mom and I. He not only helped our dogs, but he helped us become better owners and taught us how to really communicate with our furry ones. I also loved that he tailored the training specifically to our dogs and their personalities. I will definitely be scheduling future training sessions with Tommy. Anyone, regardless of if they are first time dog owners or not, can benefit!!

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Katlyn H. | Manassas

July-06-2018 Bark busters rating

Tommy was a great trainer with my dog Harlem. Harlem picked up the training during the 1st session and we have continued to work on it by ourselves. Tommy was a great choice to fix Harlem’s behavioral issues!

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Gabby P. | Fairfax

July-06-2018 Bark busters rating

If you are looking for a great dog trainer, this is your guy. Tommy of Bark Busters is the third trainer that I have worked with in this area, and he is absolutely the best. He is responsive, a great communicator, flexible, and very knowledgeable about dogs. Most importantly, he is great at giving information in a way that makes sense to me, so that I can use it to work with my dog. I doubt anyone would regret their decision to work with him. My recently adopted young lab-mix was barking at strangers who came to my door, and he was reacting aggressively to other dogs outside. Within a few minutes of walking into the door, Tommy changed my dog's behavior from a jumping maniac to calm and listening. He had great drills for the dog and me, and shared a lot of information about how I can reinforce the good behaviors and start building on them in the future. Thankfully, he also followed up in writing after the session, which will be helpful. After my experiences with a few other trainers, I was really grateful that Tommy gave me a good framework, but also was flexible and gave us options to create the best result for me and my dog, with our individual personalities and quirks. I've worked with trainers that were set in doing things only one way, and it was frustrating for me, which ended up being frustrating for the dog. Getting started was easy. We spoke for a while first and he gathered information about the dog's behavior and provided some background about what we were going to work on. We then worked together with the dog for a couple of hours in my house. It's hard to believe how much my dog's behavior changed after a relatively small amount of time, but after a few days since my first discussion with Tommy, this dog is acting so much different. I was worried before I contacted Tommy that I might never be able to get my dog's bad habits under control and it felt like we were always in chaos. Tommy helped me bring out my dog's best. I am so grateful for the sense of peace in this house.

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Walt T. | Burke

March-22-2018 Bark busters rating

Tommy Meyerhoeffer definitely speaks dog. After just one session we had a different dog. The pooch no longer rules the roost. We've been able to modify his behavior in a very easy way with no gimmicks or treats. I would highly recommend Tommy to anybody who needs help with modifying their dog's behavior.

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Lisa C. | Centreville

February-26-2018 Bark busters rating

I adopted a wonderful dog from a local rescue this past Fall that had severe separation anxiety, and I realized I needed some professional help to make sure he would be safe when he was alone. Tommy's guidance quickly made all the difference in helping him become comfortable in his new home, and has continued to help me keep learning how to be a strong leader in the relationship. He has spent time really observing my dog and explaining mannerisms and behavior as well as techniques, and is great at helping you see things from the dog's perspective. Tommy is quickly responsive to any question or concern I have via email or phone, and he always follows up to make sure that things are going well. I could not be more pleased with the training. Highly recommended.

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Linda N. | Centreville

December-10-2017 Bark busters rating

I reached out to Tommy at Bark Busters for help with my 11 year old Chihuahua, Oscar, and recently adopted 10 year old Pitbull, Roo. I reached out on a Thursday morning and Tommy was able to come that Saturday morning! Oscar is a bit insecure, easily excitable, would bark like crazy when someone knocks on the door/greeted guests a little too exuberantly (with lots of barking included), and would bark at people and other dogs during walks. With the addition of a second dog, I knew it was time to address these behavior issues. Roo is a very sweet dog but needed some reinforcement with basic obedience, loose leash walking, and he had a habit of charging out of his crate in excitement when I would let him out (setting off Oscar and his barking). Tommy was able to quickly identify the issues that needed to be addressed for both dogs, provided great advice and training tips, and really helped me understand how to establish myself as a strong pack leader. After only two days, I already experienced a calmer morning getting ready for work and both dogs were noticeably more well behaved. I found Tommy to be very personable, funny, and extremely thorough. He is very open and honest and I appreciated that he reiterated the need for daily practice and follow through for success. He is VERY responsive through text and email. I'm looking forward to Tommy's next visit!

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Laura M. | Springfield

December-08-2017 Bark busters rating

I found Tommy Meyerhoeffer while generally searching online for help with our new puppy. While mostly house trained our pup was still peeing and pooping in the house in odd ways that seemed behavioral. We had been considering obedience training but really didn't feel obedience training was going to address our specific needs nor would routine weekly classes work well with our schedules. I also know from obedience training with our other dogs, one 6 or 12 week class generally isn't enough and there is almost no customization within group classes. The reviews for Tommy were excellent and the fact that so many clients reported seeing success after only one visit really drew me in. We hired Tommy last week to help us with our 3 dogs. 2 who just need some minor work and the new puppy who needs more attention. I am happy to report that reviews were spot on! Within just a few hours in our first visit, Tommy taught our family techniques that had all 3 dogs falling into line! While we are still working on the puppy bathroom issues, Tommy has been amazing on that as well. He is very accessible to his clients by phone or email and we have been in constant touch - with me reporting observations and Tommy giving suggestions. We will have our 2nd work session with Tommy this Friday and I am really looking forward to it! While the initial cost may seem higher than a single obedience class, I can honestly say this is much better value for the money. The one-time fee covers training for your dog for the life of the animal and Tommy is on call any time you need him. When I calculated how many general training classes I would need to cover our issues and basic obedience, general obedience classes likely would have added up to be about equal to this fee and I would not have had the on-call support that I have with Tommy. Our family highly recommends Tommy and the Bark Busters methodology for training. We have tried other means and classes and have not had the success we have seen with just one meeting with Tommy!

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Laura M. | Springfield

December-08-2017 Bark busters rating

I found Tommy Meyerhoeffer while generally searching online for help with our new puppy. While mostly house trained our pup was still peeing and pooping in the house in odd ways that seemed behavioral. We had been considering obedience training but really didn't feel obedience training was going to address our specific needs nor would routine weekly classes work well with our schedules. I also know from obedience training with our other dogs, one 6 or 12 week class generally isn't enough and there is almost no customization within group classes. The reviews for Tommy were excellent and the fact that so many clients reported seeing success after only one visit really drew me in. We hired Tommy last week to help us with our 3 dogs. 2 who just need some minor work and the new puppy who needs more attention. I am happy to report that reviews were spot on! Within just a few hours in our first visit, Tommy taught our family techniques that had all 3 dogs falling into line! While we are still working on the puppy bathroom issues, Tommy has been amazing on that as well. He is very accessible to his clients by phone or email and we have been in constant touch - with me reporting observations and Tommy giving suggestions. We will have our 2nd work session with Tommy this Friday and I am really looking forward to it! While the initial cost may seem higher than a single obedience class, I can honestly say this is much better value for the money. The one-time fee covers training for your dog for the life of the animal and Tommy is on call any time you need him. When I calculated how many general training classes I would need to cover our issues and basic obedience, general obedience classes likely would have added up to be about equal to this fee and I would not have had the on-call support that I have with Tommy. Our family highly recommends Tommy and the Bark Busters methodology for training. We have tried other means and classes and have not had the success we have seen with just one meeting with Tommy!

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Laura L. | Burke

October-29-2017 Bark busters rating

Our vet recommended Bark Busters to help train our puppy, Bailey. With our past pets we always took them to group training with little to no results. We decided to do something different with Bailey, so we took our vets advice and emailed Bark Busters. The response was fast. Our trainer Tommy was at our house about 1 week later. We have nothing but great things to say about Tommy. He is polite, easy to talk to, friendly, knowledgeable, patient, supportive....I think you get the picture. Within minutes after the training started we saw a difference in Bailey's behavior. We couldn't believe it! The techniques Tommy taught us really worked that fast and weren't hard at all. We just had to be consistent. Tommy gave us some homework and we set a tentative, follow up, appointment. After a few weeks of practicing the skills we noticed some other behaviors in Bailey we needed help with. We emailed Tommy. He answered right away and was at our house the next weekend. THIS PROGRAM IS AMAZING AND THE PEOPLE ARE AWESOME!!! Totally worth the investment. Thank you Bark Busters and especially Tommy for helping us have the furry family member we have always wanted.

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Aimee H. | Centreville

October-25-2017 Bark busters rating

My boyfriend and I just got a 3 month old collie retriever named Chino. I was a little rusty on puppy training since it's been 10 years since I had to a puppy and wanted Chino to have a good start in training. Tommy is a natural dog trainer. Chino responded positively to him immediately. Tommy was patient and professional. He was able to work with me and Chino, and his training methods are easy but effective. I felt at ease and had more direction in puppy training after our first session. Since my boyfriend missed the first session, Tommy took the time to do another training demonstration with us. Thanks to Tommy, I have confidence that Chino is on his way to be a great and well behaved dog (he's already a wonderful puppy:)

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Christina K. | Fairfax

September-09-2017 Bark busters rating

We hired Tommy a bit last minute through bark busters while visiting in town from abroad. Bark busters is a bit more expensive so we were a little wary and went back-and-forth on whether it would be worth it. Ultimately we loved the reviews of bark busters and the lifetime guarantee that they offer around the world so we decided to check it out. We were also told that Tommy has a policy where if we felt we got nothing from the first session he wouldn't take any payment but that he has never had to do this and bark busters was confident that we wouldn't want to either. Tommy was excellent. We weren't really sure what to expect as this was the first training we've had for our dog Gilly who is a nine month old German Shepherd mix and rescue. She's been having recent barking problems that make it difficult for us to take her out in the city so we wanted to bring in a professional. We had already read books and websites and tried to do this ourselves at home to no avail. When Tommy arrived he was immediately friendly and professional. We sat down and for the first 30 minutes he observed how we interacted with Gilly, went through what the session would look like, and reviewed the basic principles. I was amazed that within the first 10 minutes Tommy pinpointed things that we were doing that were causing problems for Gilly and preventing her from improving behavior. He pointed these things out in a nice and respectful way - showing empathy and describing his own experiences with his dog and with other clients so we didn't feel like we were just screw ups. We then moved on to specific exercises to set a foundation for training. It was very different from a lot of the trainings that we read about which were more treat-based. While I was skeptical at first I was amazed with quick results from Tommy's methods. We started in the house and then moved on to outdoors around more dogs and people. By the end of the session Gilly was mentally tired in a good way and already much better behaved. Tommy and bark busters was more expensive than the other options that we saw but we would highly recommend it to anyone as we saw results.

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Elaine D. | Fairfax

August-18-2017 Bark busters rating

My husband and I were so impressed with Tommy's visit yesterday. Not only was he well spoken and personable, he helped us train our dog when we thought she may need to be re-homed. Just after two hours, Jyn was respecting the door, the fence, and our space. Tommy also encouraged us to call or email him any time and I believe he means really means it! I would recommend Tommy and his expertise to anyone struggling with their dog. As an owner of a pitbull, I feel that I have a greater responsibility to ensure that my dog is well trained and respectful.

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Natalia M. | Fairfax

August-06-2017 Bark busters rating

Tommy Meyerhoeffer visited us to help integrate our new 9 month old, a shelter dog, into our home. We already had another female, 6 years old, and saw signs of dominance and some aggression from both that we needed to correct right away. The 9 month old was also destroying a lot of things in our home. Her behavior was expected but we were clueless about how to fix the problem. Tommy visited us right away on a Sunday (which we really appreciate) and was patient, polite, and made sure to explain and answer any questions we had (trust me, there were many). He also led by example and it was interesting to see the response he got from our dogs just by being calm and collected. The methods he taught us also helped a lot. Just a day has passed and we already see signs of improvement. Both dogs are actually listening to our commands and there is a much safer and confident atmosphere for all of us. I highly recommend Tommy!

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Sharon C. | Manassas

July-14-2017 Bark busters rating

Thank you for all your help with Jake and Penny yesterday. I was truly amazed at how effective the training techniques were! I was surprised at how well Jake responded. I was really worried it was too late to help him but through your guidance and support, I learned so much about what Jake thought his role was in the house and also how we, as the owners, contributed to the situation. I have already observed a change in Jake's demeanor since the training session. He appears to be calmer and more settled.

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Alex V. | Fairfax

June-18-2017 Bark busters rating

Tommy saved my sanity! I rescued a pitbull mix and it was IMPOSSIBLE to walk him on a leash. I had raised dogs before and even took some pet store training courses to help with his pulling. NOTHING was working, and I was losing hope. My pup would just constantly pull, stop randomly, and lunge at other dogs. It took one session and a follow up for fine tuning with Tommy, and my fears were absolved! Tommy showed me how to 'speak dog', and most importantly reassure me that it was something fixable. My mistakes had come from trying to force these human concepts of behavior on an animal that speaks a different language. I practiced the exercises Tommy taught me and I actually look forward to walks with my dog now. I was impressed with the arsenal of different techniques he showed me, and more impressed with how well they worked! Thank you SO much.

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Courtney R. | Fairfax

June-16-2017 Bark busters rating

Tommy helped me with training my head-strong miniature dachshund, Dallas. She had extreme separation anxiety. She would chew through her crate, cutting her mouth in the process and then completely destroying my apartment when I would leave. After several a few months of her escaping and harming herself, I contacted Tommy. Tommy gave me some training exercises to start working with and advice that completely shifted the way I was acting towards her. Now, she doesn't follow me all over the house or whine and bark when I leave her alone. She can stay home while I'm at work without destroying my house or her mouth! I also had Tommy help me with her obsession with rocks and digging. After a few minutes working with her I was able to get her over her obsession. Dallas has stopped digging for rocks and she's able to calm herself down now. My favorite thing about Tommy as a dog trainer is that he helps you and your dog communicate without hitting or screaming at the dog. So many people think smacking a dog or scaring them is the way to get them to do what you want. Thank you Tommy :)

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